Standard data storage types

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Integral types

Standard data storage types for integers up to 64-bits.

Type Description
UBYTE 8-bit unsigned
BYTE 8-bit signed
UWORD 16-bit unsigned
WORD 16-bit signed
ULONG 32-bit unsigned
LONG 32-bit signed
UQUAD 64-bit unsigned
QUAD 64-bit signed

Floating-point types

These are IEEE compatible floating point data types.

Type Description
FLOAT 32-bit floating point
DOUBLE 64-bit floating point

Text types

These data storage types are for storing text.

Type Description
TEXT Text (8-bit)
WCHAR Unicode text (32-bit)
STRPTR Pointer to string
CONST_STRPTR Pointer to constant string
WSTRPTR Pointer to Unicode string
CONST_WSTRPTR Pointer to constant Unicode string

Other types

Type Description
BOOL Boolean (16-bit)
IPTR Mixed integer/pointer type
APTR Untyped pointer
CONST_APTR Constant untyped pointer
BPTR BCPL pointer
BSTR Pointer to a BCPL string