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The asl.library supports three different requester types: file requester, font requester and screen mode requester.

File requester tags

Control tags

Tag Description
ASLFR_AcceptPattern Accept files matching this pattern.
ASLFR_DoDrawersOnly When set true only drawers are displayed.
ASLFR_DoMultiSelect When set true the user can select multiple files.
ASLFR_DoSaveMode When set true the requester is used for saving.
ASLFR_RejectIcons When set true icon files are not displayed.
ASLFR_RejectPattern Reject files matching this pattern.

Other tags

Tag Description
ASLFR_NegativeText The text for the "Cancel" button.
ASLFR_PositiveText The text for the "OK" button.
ASLFR_TitleText Requester title text.
ASLFR_UserData User data for fr_UserData field.


#include <libraries/asl.h>
#include <proto/asl.h>
#include <proto/dos.h>
int main()
   struct FileRequester *req = AllocAslRequestTags(ASL_FileRequest, ASL_Dir, "S:", ASL_File, "Startup-Sequence", TAG_DONE);
   if (fr)
      if (AslRequestTags(req, TAG_DONE))
         Printf("Selected path:\n%s\n", req->rf_Dir);
         Printf("Selected file:\n%s\n", req->rf_File);
   return 0;